Acacia Honey


Our Acacia Honey is produced by beekeepers who have been generations’ worth of experience, so we can provide you with the world’s finest single source honey.

Acacia honey has a floral aroma and a more delicate taste than traditional honey, making it a wonderful accompaniment to teas or milky beverages.

One of the main benefits of acacia honey is that it’s rich in fructose so the crystallisation process is slower.

This means that the honey will stay liquid for up to two years, making it a perfect addition to your kitchen staples for drinks or baking.

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A truly delicious, delicate yet flavoursome rich pure raw honey from Witney & Mason.

Our beekeepers have been producing honey for generations and because we maintain a simple supply chain with no middle-men, we can provide the world’s best single source honey.

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Weight 648 g

Acacia Honey



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420 g

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