Anytime Premium Black Tea


The sophisticated older brother to the classic builder’s tea, our Architect’s tea is a well-rounded blend that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

The Architect’s tea is a particularly wonderful replacement to your common builder’s tea for a smooth and robust brew to start your day off right.

This premium black tea is best enjoyed without milk so you can truly savour the rich flavour notes of this distinctive beverage. It offers the perfect balance of robust flavour notes, deep aroma and smoothness for a cup of tea you’ll savour every time.

50 Sachets in an environmentally friendly recyclable pack.



This premium everyday black tea is versatile and well-rounded tea meaning that it is both suitable as a breakfast tea, afternoon tea or to be enjoyed anytime of the day best without milk.

Additional information

Weight 80 g

Black Tea




250 Sachets Catering pack, 50 sachets in a pack

Temperature 100°C
Steeping Time 4 minutes
Measure 2 g
Water Amount 200ml
Re-use One time

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