Earl Grey Black Tea


Earl Grey Black Tea has one of the most recognised flavour profiles in the world and is a quintessentially British beverage.

The whole leaf black tea is produced using the prime ‘Second Flush’ buds and leaves, is gently scented with the oils of the Bergamot orange.

This makes for a long-lasting and unique citrus profile that has a wonderfully soothing taste.

Earl Grey tea is a classic afternoon tea that pairs brilliantly with sweet dishes and makes for a truly elegant cup that is quite unlike anything else.



Earl Grey is one of the most recognised flavoured teas in the world.

The flavours are 100% natural that provides a soothing and last longing taste to the tea.

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Weight 350 g
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Organic black tea whole leaves, Second Flush, Only bud and two leaves, 100% Natural flavors. Assam blended with rose petals and natural beramont oil.


Darjeeling India

Net Weight

80 g




Resealable recyclable pouch 80g, Premium glass jar 80g

Measure 2 g
Re-use One time

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