Darjeeling Classic Green Tea


If you’re looking for a sophisticated tea with a beautiful aroma, few teas can match the delicate profile of Darjeeling Classic Green Tea.

This whole leaf green tea is grown in organic tea gardens in the Darjeeling region and is a ‘Second Flush’ tea that is produced between May and June.

This results in a tea that has the best aroma and the most delicate, smooth taste.

Green tea is renowned for its health benefits, owing to the rich abundance of antioxidants.

A refreshing tea, Darjeeling Classic Green tea can be enjoyed at any time of day and has a clean satisfying taste.



Whole leaf green tea grown in organic tea gardens of the Darjeeling region.

Brewed appropriately at 80-85 degree Centigrade for 2-3 minutes, these teas provide a soothing taste.

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Natural whole green tea leaves, Second Flush, Premium Pluck – Only bud and two leaves


Darjeeling India

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Premium Glass Jar 90g, Resealable recyclable pouch 90g

Temperature 80°C
Steeping Time 3 minutes
Measure 2 g
Water Amount 200ml
Re-use Two times

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