Kashmiri Spicy Snack Mix


Full of delicious natural ingredients to create the perfect snack, our Kashmiri spice mix is a blend of channa dal, peanuts, lentils and flavoursome mixed spices.

It has a subtle fiery kick and a satisfying crunch, making it perfect for any occasion.

Our Kashmiri spice mix includes a balance of crunchy cornflakes and lentils with softer ingredients such as light puffed rice and juicy sultanas for a delightful bite every time.

Whether you want a crunchy appetiser before your meal or a snack mid-afternoon, our Kashmiri Spice Mix is the ideal choice for any time of day.



Ingredients: Ajwan Seed, Channa Dal, Cornflakes, Gram Flour, Mixed Spices, Lentil, Peanuts, Potato Chips, Puffed Rice, Salt, Sugar Sultanas, Vegetable & Rapeseed Oil.

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200g, 500g