Oolong Darjeeling Tea


Picked from an organic tea estate in Darjeeling, India, during the second harvest, our Oolong Darjeeling blend is made from a whole leaf premium pluck that’s reminiscent of dessert wine.

Only the highest-quality buds and leaves are included here for a tea that is full of sweetness and fruit notes.

Oolong Darjeeling is an aromatic tea that can be enjoyed with or without milk but is best brewed lightly.

It’s a lighter alternative to most black teas, so it’s ideal for those seeking a subtler taste, and makes for a refreshing cup at any time of day.


Premium Oolong tea from an organic tea estate in Darjeeling. Whole leaf, premium pluck comprising of top bud and leaves. Tasty and aromatic.

Additional information

Weight 340 g
Product Code



Organic whole Oolong tea leaves, Second Flush, Premium Pluck – Only bud and two leaves


Darjeeling India

Net Weight

70 g



Temperature 90°C
Steeping Time 3 minutes
Measure 2 g
Water Amount 200ml
Re-use Two times

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