Silver Needle Darjeeling Tea


Organically produced in the Himalayan region, the Silver Needle Darjeeling is a delicate yet complex tea.

It’s crafted from pure whole buds and leaves to produce an aromatic tea with a lightly fruity taste that’s quite unlike anything you will have tasted before.

Balanced and unexpected, our Silver Needle Darjeeling provides a fresh flavour with mellow notes of honey – a perfect floral tea.

As a low caffeine drink, it’s a great option for the evening before bed.

This champagne-hued tea is a sophisticated tea that has a gentle flavour, making for a unique beverage that’s mild yet flavoursome.


Premium Silver Needle tea from pure buds and leaves – Organically produced in the Himalayan region with a slightly fruity taste and aromatic.

Additional information

Weight 310 g
Product Code



Pure Silver needle Buds produced in Himalayan region, white tea


Darjeeling India

Net Weight

40 g



Temperature 80°C
Steeping Time 3 minutes
Measure 2 g
Water Amount 200ml
Re-use Two times

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