Cinnamon is a delicious spice that can be used to great effect in both savoury and sweet dishes and drinks.

Our True Cinnamon is 100% natural and comes from a single source.

Native to Sri Lanka, True Cinnamon is also known as Ceylon cinnamon and can be used to infuse dishes with a delicious flavour without impacting the texture of the dish.

It can be broken easily to be added to hot or cold drinks, baking or cooking for a delicate warmth and sweetness.

Cinnamon is particularly well-suited to winter recipes such as hot chocolate, mulled wine or cider, golden milk or for use in hearty curries.


True Cinnamon – A highly delicious spice, 100% natural from a single source.

Fragile and easily broken, delicate, sweet flavour, light brown and softer.

A fragrant aroma that will bring your baking, cooking, desserts, hot or cold drinks to life.

Approximately 50cm and broken in three parts and packed.

Average weight 50g.